House policy

Ilmaveere house rules apply to all guests who arrive to territory of Ilmaveere ( Kooli 2, Obinitsa, 65301 Võru Maakond).

  1. Guests are not allowed to harm the environment in any way.
  2. Guests are not allowed to disturb other guests, surrounding residents nor animals.
  3. Ilmaveere personnel have the right to refuse selling alcohol to people who are under severe influence of alcohol.
  4. Ilmaveere personnel have the right not to serve or accommodate people who are impolite or aggressive towards other guests or personnel.
  5. Ilmaveere has video surveillance (including outdoor cameras in front of each Ilmaveere premises entrance).
  6. Recording or taking photos of other guests or personnel without their consent is prohibited.
  7. It is forbidden to fly a drone at Ilmaveere without permission. Please inform personnel if you wish to fly a drone.
  8. Make fire only in designated areas (ask information from the management).
  9. It is mandatory to follow all the safety requirements (you must wear a life jacket while participating in water activities).
    10 Due date for invoices is 7 days from issuing the invoice. Ilmaveere has the right to forward all the unpaid invoices to the debt collection agency. Unpaid invoices and disputes will be resolved pursuant to the procedure provided by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Staying in Ilmaveere Rooms

  1. Guests under 18 years of age are only accommodated if accompanied by an adult. Ilmaveere premises are designed to accommodate 2 guests maximum. Due to this Ilmaveere does not take responsibility for safety concerns regarding minors. Adult guests are responsible for taking care of safety as well as for any damage caused by children.
  2. Ilmaveere check in times are available on the Ilmaveere website. Check out time is at 12 noon.
  3. Ilmaveere does not accommodate persons who have damaged or could damage the reputation and/or assets of Ilmaveere; who are under severe influence of drugs or alcohol; who are wanted by police; who have committed illegal acts in another hotel or similar.
  4. Only guests who are checked in are allowed to stay in Ilmaveere premises.
  5. Smoking in Ilmaveere premises is prohibited. Fine for smoking is 2000 EUR.
  6. Lighting candles in Ilmaveere premises is prohibited.
  7. Ilmaveere is not liable for the loss or damage of any money or other valuables that have not been stored in a safety deposit box.
  8. Pets who are well behaved are welcome to Ilmaveere if the resort has been informed prior to the arrival and the guest has paid an additional fee. Pets are not permitted to bed, jacuzzi or sauna. Ilmaveere has the right to issue a fine for any damage caused to the property.
  9. Guests are not allowed to remove Ilmaveere equipment or inventory from Ilmaveere premises. In case of removing or damaging the equipment, guests will have to pay for repair and/or 100 % of the purchase cost.

Guests who have violated the house rules are asked to leave the territory of Ilmaveere and are asked to pay for all the damage caused to Ilmaveere.