“Setomaa is unique in so many different ways and there is a lot that can’t be put into words. This place has put a spell on us and touched our souls. At Ilmaveere, we want to share this magical beauty with you.” – LENNA


Treat yourself with a hard-earned break – Ilmaveere way. It can nudge your life closer to your dreams and a balanced state of mind. All you got to do is let it happen. Dive into blissful rest, listen to the sound of silence, birds and forests, enjoy our saunas and unique dining experiences. Find your inspiration. It will take you further.

Nature Spa

It would be a sin to visit Setomaa without going to a smoke sauna. Like the weekly church, the sauna was and is a holy ritual. It takes many hours to heat this special place, providing peace for both mind and body. When the room is finally hot and the strong smoke has been aired out, it is time to enter. When heated correctly, the air in the sauna is pure and just hot enough. One must take their time for the sauna ritual. It is a place to find your balance and experience the traditions.

Smoke sauna, as it has been used in Old Võrumaa for centuries, is also part of UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Local sauna maid Kairi-Helen will guide you through the process and and explain all the details. Let us know, and we will call her for your session.

Massage therapist

The busy lifestyle of modern days is an immense burden on our bodies and minds. Knowing how to relax is the first remedy. Our massage therapists will help you release the stress. Case-by-case, they provide a classical full-body massage or focus on a specific problematic area. Massage has a variety of benefits—it reduces stress, muscle strains, and pain, helps with digestion and sleep quality, and stimulates the natural immune system. It is crucial to drink a lot of water, relax, and spend time in natural environments after the treatment. Ilmaveere offers all that.


  • The massage session is done on a special table or a mat. 30 min, 1 hours or 1,5h sessions available.

Nature baths

Here at Ilmaveere you can take a dive in a whole new way – into the beauty of nature. Every seasons provides a unique experience, whether in the forest or on the water.

The locals here in Setomaa are known for their intimate relationship with mushrooms. The acclaimed Estonian author Valdur Mikita writes about this in his book “The Art of Listening to Chanterelles.” We will tell you the secret spots so you can fill your baskets with the natural gold—chanterelles—or any other of the delicious mushrooms. Let us know, and we can even arrange a professional guide.

It’s quite easy to combine exercise with mindfulness. Paddle on the picturesque Obinitsa Lake and enjoy the views of Tuhkvitsa primeval valley. Surrounded by nature, all worries of everyday life just dissipate, while your body gets an optimal work-out. And it’s suitable for any age and fitness level. Come and give it a try!

There are many famous stories about the Venetian gondoliers, but you can create your own unique boating story at Lake Obinitsa. The man-made lake was raised on Tuhkvitsa stream and christened in 1995. Today, it is a well-known swimming and fishing hotspot. Bring your binoculars, fishing gear, swimsuit and camera. You will want them all. Of course, we will provide the boat and oars.